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Asian and middle East regional office:
TFA Group of companies
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Riviera University Ltd
Cairo, Egypt

Bandundu University
Republic Democratic of Congo


International American University   IAU
San Diego, California, USA


GENOVASI University College

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PSM International College

Yangon, Myanmar

Riviera University SAS headquarters are in the South of France. Its representative office in South East Asia is The French Academy.

All Riviera University degrees are notarized with an encrypted Degree ID number and every student who is graduated has his name registered with the local department of the French ministry of education.

We are using the Blockchain technology (and NFT) that allows verifiable and traceable encrypted information such as place of issue, date of issue, president signature ID that can be verified at all times.

Only Riviera headquarters in France are issuing these degrees with Blockchain technology and the signature of the president.

Any academic or legal document  is only valid if signed by at least two members of the board of directors according to our company founding articles of association. All Dean and Head of departments are de-facto members of the board of directors and their name appears on the website  Therefore any document carrying only the signature of one director, president or vice-president is not valid.

It is strictly illegal for any of our agents or representants to issue academic documents.

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