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Our logo has been designed to display our values.  Indeed, at Riviera University, we are deeply committed to take care of our planet, and prepare the new generations to a sustainable and green environment. The future of education goes through a different approach to learning, with less waste, less paper, less travel by going mainly digital.

All our programs are oriented towards trade fair and sustainability, hence the green color (which represent earth) and the blue color (oceans and water). The R of our logo is for Riviera but it also carries our 4 values Resilience, Resourcefulness, Recognition and Resolve.

- Resilience is the ability to cope with external disturbances as a result of social and environmental change, and our persistence in the process.

- Resourcefulness can be defined as a group or community's capacity to engage with their local resource in a creative way as a means to address the unequal distribution.

- Recognition is the act of remembering and acknowledging the success of a person or of an institution.

- Resolve is a firm determination to do something through persistence and hard work

At Riviera University and with all our partners, we believe and apply these values in our daily life and work.

Prof. Olivier Cane

Our Mission and Vision

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