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Founded in 2019, Riviera University is a vibrant and research led center for Blended Learning, recognized for its creative and entrepreneurial spirit made up of a diverse group of students with different cultures.

Tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to provide students a perfect and safe atmosphere to live and study. Registered in France with the Ministry of Education, Riviera University is a top class Academic Institution leading to deliver a dynamic and interdisciplinary learning environment providing an ideal foundation in personal and professional development.

Riviera University SAS, Valbonne, France has been established and incorporated in 2019 under the Ministry of Education, France with UAI Number 006220F.

All our programs are oriented towards trade fair and sustainability, hence the green color (which represent earth) and the blue color (oceans and water). The R of our logo is for Riviera but it also carries our 4 values Resilience, Resourcefulness, Recognition and Resolve.

Our Mission and Vision

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