Meet our Team

University Board

Prof. Dr. Olivier Cane


Prof Dr Th. L.
Vice President
Academic Affairs
(VIP to be revealed soon)

Alanox Tan
Advisor to the president
Asia Markets

Prof Dr Ahmed Al-Safty
Vice President
Middle East and North Africa

Erin Crystal Daniel
Head of
Asia RPL programme

Prof. Dr. Kamal Kithsiri Karunadasa

International development and Lecturer

Dato' Dr Abdul Razak Bin Abdul
Adviser to the President

Our lecturers and researchers

Dr David Bobker


Lecturer and Researcher

Dr Mohd Taipor Suhadah
Lecturer for MBA and DBA

Dr Sharareh Shahidi


Lecturer and Researcher

Dr Mohamed Issa Farid 0
Lecturer, Supply chain expert

Prof Ratnakar
Lecturer for MBA and DBA

Other executives

Mr Clement Nimundele

Business development Congo

Mrs Patricia Yin
Head of Language Department

Mr Maixence Cane
Communication and IT department

Mr Steven Christopher Gomez
Social Networks and Digital media sales

Senate committee

The senate committee of Riviera University is made of 5 members from different countries and is the only responsible body for any decisions pertaining to student degrees validation, new degrees offers by the university, new strategy and validation of any partnership worldwide.