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Our Alumni

All degrees delivered worldwide are registered in our database, no other organization has the right to deliver a Riviera University degree or certificate.

We are using the Blockchain technology that allows verifiable and traceable encrypted informations such as place of issue, date of issue, president signature ID that can be verified at all times


The names and degrees details of our alumni are not public in order to comply with the European laws of data privacy.


Should you want to verify if a person is graduated from our university, kindly send an email to:

with the name of the person, the promotion year, and the degree achieved


We will then confirm you the information by email

Certificate issuance process

- Each certificate is signed by the President and by one of the Senate committee members in original, no digital signature is allowed at Riviera University

- Each certificate has a unique serial number (Blockchain technology), which is recorded in our books at Riviera University headquarters and is only issued by Riviera University in France.

- Each agent and partner has a different ID number which allows us to identify easily which student belongs to which partner’s college.

- Riviera University issues a unique student ID for each student, that will later allow the student to check his degree on our alumni website


As a graduated student from Riviera University, 
you have been given a student ID and a password, you may process to this website to verify your degree:

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