Dr. David Bobker Head of Research and Doctorate Department


PhD from Oxford University in 1978

Lecturer in Risk Management

Expert consultant in Risk Management for Stratcorp consulting since 2016

Associate Director for Esperanza Management Advisors since 2014

Chartered accountant registered in UK



Academic domains

Risk Management, Statistics, Computation and finance mathematics applied to Management


Some of his publications:


Hillson, David. “A guided tour.” (2006) :


Hillson, David. “Surveying the Risk Management Universe–Where Are We Now?.” The Risk Management Universe: A Guided Tour. London: The British Standards Institution (2007): 1-9.

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Prof. Dr. Olivier Cane

Kedge Business School (Grande Ecole Chapter)

DBA, Master in Management, BBA, Bachelor of Arts

International Lecturer in Management

CEO of The French Academy, Owner of Riviera University



Academic domains

Entrepreneurship, Cross-cultural Management, Luxury retail, Marketing and digital marketing


Some of his publications:


  • The awareness of health danger with the usage of smartphone among the young generation”, Cane Olivier (2020), International Journal of Business Marketing and Management, Volume 5, issue 6, (June 2020)


  • The evolution of Tribal marketing within social networks: how the community marketing and community brands have evolved in social media?. Cane Olivier., Bellag, N., & Fukada, H. L..  Journal of Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior,  Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2020) 23-34.


  • Engagement of Employees in an Over-Supply Shopping Malls Market: Is Professional Training Part of the Solution? A Preliminary Study Among Retail Shops in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. Olivier Cane, Journal of Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior, Vol. X, Issue X (2016) P-P


      No Malaysia is not ready yet to be a developed country. Essay, published on LinkedIn

      1,399 views, Nov. 2017


       The truth behind Harvard Professor Pritchett affirmation that Malaysian graduates are on the same level  as Danish high school dropouts. Essay, published on LinkedIn, more than 17,000 views, March 2017


       Sharing a Traditional Chinese meal before a negotiation : a frightening effectiveness

       published on LinkedIn  Sept 2018

Dr. Sharareh Shahidi Hamedani


Guest Lecturer at IPAM Lisbon

Market Researcher and Magazine Contributor for Fastener World Inc, Taiwan

Ries Strategy Positioning Coaching and Mentoring

B2B Matchmaking investor trainer Konfu Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)


Academic domains


Service quality, Human Resources, Job performance, Consumer behaviour, International trade and

automotive industry


Some of her publications:


The Impact of Internal Service Quality on Job Performance in Service Industry: The case of IT Firms.” The 9th International Management & Accounting Conference (IMAC) Putrajaya, Malaysia 2018: Revolutionizing Management and Governance for Industry 4.0”. Nov.2018


“Exploring Internal Services Quality Influence on Job Performance.” The 19th MIICEMA Conference “The Future of Disruptive Innovation to Strengthen Competitive Advantages in Economics, Management and Accounting”. Indonesia Oct.2018


“Brand Personality Moderate Relationship Between Website Quality and Online Trust, Case Study of Malaysian Online Environment” Asian Social Science Magazine June 2014


Article Under Revision

Bridging Operations and Behaviour: A study on the moderating effect of supervisor political skills onto internal service quality and job performance” Journal of Service Theory and Practice